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Invested for thirty years in the fields ofsocial, art and expression, I started my career as a facilitator, then social worker (CESF), trainer and family assistant with adolescents in difficulty, and art therapist.

Dancer, always moving on the stage of life with multiple creations, I had the chance to deepen various artistic languages: ceramics (sculpture and raku), writing, poetry, ink, _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the photo …

The disciplines of self-knowledge, as well as the various artistic forms experienced, contribute today to enrich the workshops that I lead with adults, adolescents, children, and specific audiences.

Dancer ofargentine tangofor several years,I had the good fortune to be trained by Argentinian Maestros, such as Valdi Guevara and Bibiana Guilhamet, with the solid foundation of a tango milonguero, or so-called salon, which then leaves room for all forms of improvisation. I also deepened my practice through professional pedagogical training with Maria Belen Giachello and Sébastian Jimenez.

Tango has also become my line of research as a language at the service of health and better living, and enriched by different bodily and dance practices.

The approachEXPRESSION(s) TANGOwhich results from it places the human in the center, always with an aim of contributing and making resonate the tango on the much vaster plan which it offers to us, implying its multiple dimensions and fields of investigation.

To this unique approach, I offer other tools to go further, to deepen your discernment, broaden your vision. I use in particular the symbolism and the language of the body, the development of the 5 senses (VAKOG system, Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic-Olfactory-Gustatory) as access to the outside world, allowing the means of expression to bring in particular to knowledge self.


Today, I am committed to contributing and transmitting the fruit of my many explorations.


Training, teaching, animation, support

Social life animator in EHPAD:from 2018 to 2019
Family assistant(host family): 2012 / 2015 - Public reception of teenagers placed by the ASE, at home
Trainer: Institute of Social Work of Pau: 2014 / 2017
Vocational high school teacher: 2014 / 2015 
Counselor in Social Family Economy: 2005/2008 – deficient teenagers, and beneficiary of RSA and SDF
Animator in a socio-cultural center: 1995 / 2002  cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Cultural activities, organization of exhibitions, computer trainer, library management...
Animator and director of holiday and leisure center: 1997 / 2002



Facilitator of creative expression workshops for therapeutic purposes - Art therapy

Tango therapist: Since 2011, individuals, groups, Institutes of social workers, companies, specialized structures

Therapeutic tango for dependent elderly people and the general public (Trainingcertifying): EHPAD…

Company creation L'Atelier Nomade
Creator of the Expression(s) Tango method  ©
Animator of expression and pottery workshops
: 2008/2011 -  Association "From art to another"


sculptor ceramic artist: 2008/2012  
       Céramique Raku : façonnage de pièces en argile, fabrication d'émaux et cuissons - Pottery markets, exhibitions, forum, fair, various events


Argentine tango dancer and teacher- Associations and individuals
Creation of a showaround Tango poetry "Poema de Tango" - Dance, music and readings

Photographer : nature, macro, portraits
Multi-language creations: clay, painting, writing, collage, mandala, spontaneous drawing, wood…
Poet: Publication of texts and poems :

          « Entrée en ma Terre , anthology of a poet » - Ed. Le Lys bleu - 2021

          « Nouveaux délits, revue of lively poetry and derivatives» - Ed. New offenses - 2011/2012

          « Paroles d'écolos » - Collective work, Ed. Astobelarra Le Grand Chardon - 2010


         _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ASSOCIATIVE

Event planningartistic and cultural :  Milongas, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, dressing rooms...
Manager of a place of welcome and healing with bed and breakfast: 2015 / 2019
Organization of exhibitions : Creation, organization, management of the well-being/craft fair “Plaine de ressources” (3 years)
Founder and facilitatorof the association “From art to another”: 2008 / 2013


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