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Lhen dance frees itself from steps, choreography or figures to learn, it becomes a language with authentic and singular expression.

It then makes it possible to make visible the deep feeling, which cannot be said with words.

Become aware of your body and trust it, recognize yourself in still unexplored spaces, express yourself freely.

Learn to overcome the gaze of others and to change one's view of oneself.

Be part of the present moment and reconnect with your joy of living and your vital energy.
The proposed framework, benevolent and reassuring, facilitates the release of emotions, those which block our progress as those which connect us with the living in us.

The workshop is organized in several stages, collective and individual. A speaking time opens the workshop, and another closes it.

Everyone retains their free will, and the possibility of investing them to their own extent and at their own pace.




"Listen carefully, and hear the sound of his inner music. It echoes the melodies that have run through our bodies for so long.
I have never danced so much since I appreciate my inner music. I have so many things to say to myself that I cannot hear otherwise, and it will take me many other lives to revel in all these sounds, vibrations of my world and well beyond. My being is so richly complex, and infinite!
What externalizes becomes my reality, my reflection in the mirror, with which I can play indefinitely. And then I see that what's outside is also inside, that's who I am. 
It's a game of dancing your life between me and me. Without a word, just feel.
It's a game to create, and recreate, in an infinite movement
". Anonymous

The DANCE WORKSHOPS OF THE SENS are spaces where to experience this exploration, to be enjoyed without limiting

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