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"Thank you Frédérique for your workshops, where I enjoyed a good mix of depth, play, commitment and freedom! Each time, a great joy and a beautiful connection.  Julie-

"When I opened the door to the workshop, Frédérique welcomed me with a sweet smile. So I took the plunge and left behind my shyness and my preconceived ideas to start learning how to guide. I I was so convinced that it needed more determination, a natural authority (which I lack), that I was not sure at the beginning to continue the experiment. But Frédérique's kind and warm words, her mastery of the technique tango and its teaching, have overcome my doubts. After several sessions, I take great pleasure in "playing the man" in the abrazo and I have every intention of making my girlfriends dance during the next milongas".  - Anne-Marie -

"I who had only a vague idea of what tango was, I was seduced, both by the music and by Frédérique's approach. I am a poor dancer, but I hope to have the possibility to free myself from my complexes and my blockages thanks to these workshops". bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Marco-


"Friendly workshop, built, with a sought-after music, crowned with a dynamism involving everyone without  exception in the dance, beginners as initiates, to put at ease and enjoy the moment ".        - Virginia -


"I discovered the practice of tango as a therapy, aimed at improving one's physical and mental posture. I discovered my limits in this experience. This technique makes it possible to evolve on the path of personal and relational balance" .      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_58d-badSybil -



Intervention 1000000 ENTREPRENEURS

Exchange on the experience of entrepreneurship within the framework of "woman entrepreneur and project leader", with100000entrepreneurs, at the J. Supervielle high school in Oloron Sainte Marie. With a bonus expression workshop!

Curious and interested students, thank you for your participation

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