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Thedance, freed from reference to the steps to be learned, is an authentic means of expression, allowing self-knowledge.

theargentine tangois the sensitive listening of bodies. To release all its expressiveness, it requires the knowledge of steps and figures.

In this space where free dance and tango meet, the tango becomes singular, freed from the imposed steps and the technique to be mastered. It suggests a sensory and subtle listening to one's own movements and those of the other.

Contact, breathing, skin texture, slowdowns, stops, silences, strength, intensity, softness… tango invites us into a space of improvisation, where all the senses are awakened.

Free dance, on the other hand, takes us on a journey towards the exploration of the body in movement, towards intensity and self-expression, and brings out a more personal and lively relationship to this language.

She then invites herself into our tango to bring more freedom, fluidity, sensitivity, expressiveness, listening...
Body and mind are inseparable here.

Breathing, movement, walking, rhythm, that of our heart which has been beating since our fertilization, are a symbol of life in us and of a dance in itself.

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Our 5 senses are fully involved and engaged in our dance. They are points of support to deploy your tango in a sensitive way, combining technique, feelings and emotions.

-       Touch: the sense of contact, the embrace, the connection, the skin,

      dynamic changes

-       Smell: the smell of a place, an atmosphere, the partner's skin , its perfume or its natural smells, a whole world…

-       Sight: looking at everything around us, colors, shapes, objects, a place, people...

-       Taste: appetite for sharing, taste for others, dancing, life …

-       The sixth sense: the art of improvisation, of soaring together in the great whole and be one...

I propose in the workshop to work on refining your perceptions through different exercises, aimed at improving your relationship to the body, to dance, to others, to your environment, to life, and to experience it from another angle, to open the possibilities, and make your dance another story, another world!

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