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Creative expression is a possibilityexpression of "his world"

to know and re-know each other,

  • To create yourself by expressing yourself

  • It's going to get your resources

  • Format and color yourtalent, yourabilities

  • To poetizethe being you're going through hersourcecreative

  • Print a trace of oneself, which can be ephemeral, in matter,bring to life, bring it to theawareness, to express it, to put it out of oneself to see it, to see oneself

  • Dospeak the body, through the language that gives it life, allowing it to expressemotions

  • Activate your creativity, your expressiveness

  • Rediscover the taste of the game and thespontaneity

  • Connecting to nature, to one's nature, to the elements

  • Connect to ses perceptions

  • Develop your potentials related to the body,sensory and motor 

  • Develop a structure: body and mind coherence 

  • Connect to son story

  • be in thehere and now...

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