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The expression workshop is organized around various principles essential to its implementation, creating favorable conditions for the expression of people, and their creative dynamics.​

the  proposed framework aims to:

  • allow alistenand a "non-directive" interaction with the participants,without interpretative judgement, without artistic reference and learning (technical reference aiming to "stimulate" creation or aesthetic reference), without interference of any kind

  • foster creative expression and itsintegrationby the person,support the emergenceaffective and the spontaneous emotional reactions that punctuate the experience

  • diversifying strategies and adapting them toparticularities of each

  • alternateindividual and collective, depending on the needs and tools

  • experiment in thenature, in contact withelements

  • lean on thebody language: the body as a vector of meaning and liberation

  • lean on thedevelopment of the 5 senses(VAKOG system, Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic-Olfactory-Gustatory) as access to the outside world

  • encourage expression in all its forms,without limiting

  • respect timeintegrationallowing the person to assess the impact in their daily life


Personal productions are kept at the place of creation for the duration of the contract that binds the participants to the workshop. Their personal property is inalienable.

A time for speaking, for other expression, for the elaboration of lived experience is proposed to close each workshop.

Le respect for the spontaneous expression of the people towards whom the workshop leader is committed, excludes any interpretation, suggestion, evaluation or correction, and favors the creative inventiveness of the person, herself considered as the true source of the change.
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